Who Is Melissa

Melissa P. Latson is the CEO/Founder of Motivating, Elegant Ladies a 501 c3 (non-profit) established in 2012. Her experienced Entrepreneur skills positioned her to move forward as a passionate Confidence Advisor. Her story is her glory as a Surivivor and an Advocate of Domestic Violence. Melissa teaches young ladies and women on How to Break Through the Confidence Code in their lives in order to produce good fruit. Be the best version of who you are Becoming.


For so long Melissa's life was not satisfying. She didn't know her purpose or how to attain it. The time was passing by so fast and nothing was changing, she knew it was  time to get out of her own way. She begin to pray and pursue God like never before then she got a clear identity of what having Faith can do and she begin to put it into works. Now, she has a niche for showing others how to find their purpose and have Faith to pursue their dreams and goals. She believes when you have a high expectation about your life, you don't give up you take charge then YOU CAN DETERMINE YOUR SUCCESS.

It's time to EMBRACE your magic and release it into the world. We are constantly changing and involving therefore we don't walk around having Confidence every day. But, it's something we need to practice in which will make permanent . With my God-given purpose I will help you Break Through the Code of Confidence .


"Be Authentic! People don't want a Leader who's always right; they want a Leader who's always real"

My Mission

My mission is Possible! What is the possibility of having a strong positive self-image to be successful? It is Possible. It depends on your determination & consistency. I remind myself of the story of the rabbit & turtle where the turtle won the race with consistent performance. We all want to win the race, it will depend on your will-power, how much you are able to give and do what it takes to be successful.